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  • John Marks

Preserve the Integrity of Your Catering Equipment During Lock-down

Here are some simple instructions that will preserve the integrity of your catering equipment if it is required to be shut down for a prolonged period i.e. over 21 days.


  • Ensure you run the machine on a weekly basis.

  • Vent any process chemicals connected to your product and, if possible, flush any chemical lines with clean water to prevent the deterioration of the supply tubes.

  • Ensure the wash chambers are kept clean and free from any food debris.

  • Ensure the machines are completely drained.

  • Remove and clean all internal filters and spray arms.

  • Salt containers must be topped up and salt debris must be flushed away to prevent cabinet corrosion.

  • Ensure your product is clean internally.

  • Leave doors ajar and allow adequate ventilation within the product.

  • Isolate the machine from the electrical supply and water supply.


  • Remove and clean all pans and grids from your product.

  • For machines with built-in wash systems ensure a cleaning cycle is run on a regular basis.

  • For machines with built-in backup batteries, run for approximately 30 minutes on a weekly basis to ensure the battery remains charged.


  • For products that have external softeners or water filtration, ensure they are flushed through on a regular basis. These steps will assist and preserve the reliability of your commercial catering product.

If you require assistance to decommission/recommission your machine, please contact us at C&M Kitchen Engineering.



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