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A good kitchen layout can determine how well your establishment functions. When the kitchen is designed properly, it enables your team to work efficiently and produce consistent high-quality meals.

Things to Consider When Thinking About Your Next Refurbishment or New Build

Kitchen Layout

There are many things to consider when planning a commercial kitchen, what type of layout do you require or is the layout dictated by the space and shape available. Regardless of layout there are several components that you need to pay particular attention to.


In your kitchen you need to store a variety of foods and items such as utensils, pots, pans, meats & fish, dry goods, glassware, crockery and cutlery. You will need separate storage units/areas for each of these needs, such as a refrigerator for perishable foods, a pantry for dry goods, and cupboards/shelves for glassware, crockery and cutlery etc..

Pot Wash / Ware Wash

Pot wash and ware washing can be combined in to one area but you will need a separate area for food preparation and hand wash. The ideal scenario would be at least one pot wash sink, one food preparation sink and a dedicated wash hand basin .

Food Preparation

You may have several food preparation areas depending on what kind of food is on the menu. The food prep section should have counter space, cutting tools, and storage containers. Consideration could also be made for refrigerated prep counters. Your food preparation areas should be as close as possible to your storage area and refrigeration so that you can quickly and safely store raw ingredients until they are required.


Your cooking equipment will depend on your menu but you will also need to consider how many covers you are catering for, how much use specific pieces of equipment will get as this will determine whether you need light, medium or heavy duty equipment.

Most kitchens will have cooking ranges, ovens, grills and fryers but as mentioned above your menu will dictate this. Other things to consider with equipment is the energy efficiency as this could have a major impact when it comes to the running cost of the kitchen.


Depending on your menu you may also need to look at more specialised pieces of equipment such as steam combination ovens, high speed ovens and holding cabinets.


Service / The Pass

Your kitchen’s service area should be as close to the dining area as possible to lessen the distance from the kitchen to the table for waiting staff.

The kitchens service area is used for plating dishes and handing them off to waiting staff. A plain top hot cupboard with heated gantry over makes a simple service pass but these can be tailored to the kitchen’s specific needs.

  1. Island

  2. Galley

  3. Open

  4. Production

Main Components of a commercial Kitchen

  1. Storage

  2. Pot Wash / Ware Wash

  3. Food Preparation

  4. Cooking

  5. Service / Pass


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