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Quality fried products don't just happen by chance you need the right equipment. 


There is no point in trying to work with two small table top 3kw fryers if you are frying a lot of chips and other fried products during busy periods as a.) you will not have the required capacity and b.) you will not have the necessary recovery time meaning you will be frying at a lower temperature and creating a soggy product. You need to consider investing in higher capacity free standing units of 6kw, 9kw or higher. The opposite is also true there is no need having high powered high capacity fryers if you are only frying small batches occasionally.  

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Other important considerations would be filtration either built in or a separate unit to help maintain the quality and extend the life of your oil.

Let the experts guide you to the right cost effective solution for your establishment, give us a call today on 01224 625928.

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